For Ben and Raymond, they maintain a sentiment of baseball as religion; men of faith putting their trust both in the word of God and Vin Scully. They both believe in the Miracle of the Resurrection and Game 1 of the ‘88 World Series. Both have been unfaithful baseball bigamists; Raymond with the Angels and Ben with the Red Sox. Their faiths have undergone as much change as their favorite team's roster. So they write about it. They write about Baseball and they write about God.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Small Leagues

First I wanted to echo your sentiments about Jim Tracy. I could not be happier for the man. I always liked him, I was sad when he left. Although I tried to be a Grady Little apologist, I did not think he was an upgrade over Jim Tracy. And I have always liked Tracy's style of using the whole team. He is a good guy and a nice guy to have in the division. Between Bochy, Black, Torre, Tracy and whoever the heck A. J. Hinch is the managers in the NL West are a pretty good group of guys if I do say so myself.

I joke about A. J. Hinch, I vaguely remember him as a backup catcher. Nice to see young guys get managing jobs like that. Seems like all the young guys getting managing job are catchers like Eric Wedge. Although Wedge was in no way supported by his organization, which was a bummer.

Which leads me to think about what a tough job it must be being a minor league manager/coach. Rarely do you stay in one location for more than a year and often you are not even in the same organization from year to year. Then take in to account you are managing a team full of guys that in their previous baseball endeavors were the best of the best, and you have to teach them how to hit a major league curve ball or remind them to use two hands when catching a baseball.

A good number of managers and coaches in the minors are not a whole lot more then old retired major leaguers or career minor leaguers who had a total of 14 at bats in the show and never made it anywhere and they are entrusted with nurturing and developing a team's prospects. The idea of having a washed up third baseman or a career AAA catcher in charge of my first round draft pick fireball pitcher whom I paid Scott Boras $15 million just for the pleasure of signing. All of the sudden Jimmy Dugan becomes my worst nightmare!

[Sidenote: And speaking of Jimmy Dugan, is it just me, or did Tom hanks just won the mid 90's in film. The man could do no wrong. I liken him to our modern day James Stewart, Tom Hanks even served in WWII just like Stewart, so that works for me.]

I can almost understand why other leagues do not have the expansive and multitiered farm system that baseball has. You are placing a lot of high priced (And low priced) talent in hands of people who may not exactly know what they are doing. I can just imagine Todd Hundley or Tom Prince coaching first round draft picks and telling them of the glory of their years in the show. Holy Crap Tom Prince is a minor league manager. I just pooped myself a little. Also I really shouldn't worry about Todd Hundley since he was named in the Mitchell report and is basically known as the guy who got Gagne and LoDuca started on the juice. So yeah, enough about that.

I originally wanted to write my first God related post for this, but Jimmy Dugan and Todd Hundley got in the way, maybe next time, if you don't beat me to it.


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