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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Heidi K-K-K-K-K-K-Klum

Maybe what makes Lincecum so good is his feminine wiles. He doesn't owe his success to that knee buckling curveball or his unorthodox mechanics, it's his ability to seduce the batter. I mean, let's face it. Could ANYONE get their stick around on a Heidi Klum curve? Maybe Seal. Which begs another question, if Klum K's Seal, does she stare back into the dugout and mouth the words, "auf wiedersehen"? I think she does.

Speaking of this year's awards. Chest Bumps to Jim Tracy, Colorado Rockies skipper, and the 2009 National League Manger of the Year.

For me, Jim Tracy is one of those guys who you root for, even though he's not on your team, and in this case, even though he's an opponent in your division! I still love the way Tracy managed our Dodgers. He gave young no-names a chance, maybe because he was an underdog himself. Cesar Izturis, Paul Lo Duca and Jayson Werth owe Tracy thanks for giving them their first shot in The Show. (Well, maybe Lo Duca should thank his Dealer.)

In '04, Tracy gave Dodger fans something they hadn't tasted in 16 years, a Division Title AND a playoff win. No. Not a playoff SERIES win. Just one game. It's pathetic, but we were STARVING and Tracy fed us. I remember being so pumped up by that season, I suggested buying a "2004 NL West Division Champs" T-shirt. You reminded me how pitiful that would basically wear a "We're #4!!!" T-Shirt, but that tells you how depressed our fan base was. Almost being swept in the first round of the playoff was progress!

Unfortunately, the Dodgers were 20 games under .500 the following year and Jim got the axe. But I never turned on Manager Jim. Yes, he was just a Division III All-Star and a Japan Leauge castoff. Yes, he was probably looking the other way while Lo Duca and Eric Gagne bent over and injected each other with steroids. And yes, he was a dead ringer for Orville Redenbacher. But he was OUR Orville Redenbacher.

Postscript: Did you happen to notice who won AMERICAN League Manager of the year? Yup. You guessed it. Mike Bleeping Scioscia. ALSO a former Dodger. No offense to Joe Torre but excuse me while I grill a Dodger Dog and choke on it.


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