For Ben and Raymond, they maintain a sentiment of baseball as religion; men of faith putting their trust both in the word of God and Vin Scully. They both believe in the Miracle of the Resurrection and Game 1 of the ‘88 World Series. Both have been unfaithful baseball bigamists; Raymond with the Angels and Ben with the Red Sox. Their faiths have undergone as much change as their favorite team's roster. So they write about it. They write about Baseball and they write about God.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Why Not Yet?

I love the jazz thread and I plan to opine on the subject more in the future.  But there is a bigger question at hand, and it is baseball related, therefore has higher priority due to the nature of our web log.  Namely why is Pete Rose not in the baseball Hall of Fame yet?

During our trip to baseball Valhalla there was one name missing more then any other, Kevin Mitchell.

But number two on that list has to be Pete Rose.  Short of Kevin Darnell Mitchell there is not another man alive who deserves more to be enshrined within the halls of Cooperstown.  Charlie Hustle exemplifies everything that most die hard baseball fans look for in a player: pure natural talent, work ethic, drive, lack of P.E.D.s  and a somewhat soft physique so as to make us think we could do what he does.

I also have to admit I have a soft spot for Pete Rose in my heart as he was the favorite player of my Great Grandfather Joe McCormick, who died shortly before I was born and was the man responsible for bringing the McCormick's to the Antelope Valley back in the 40's.  He love Rose for his spirit and obvious love of the game.  His quote "I'd walk through Hell in a gasoline suit just to play baseball", strikes me as just about one of the best things anyone has ever said about baseball.

Now did he break the rules, yes.  Did he bet on baseball yes, but the fact that we allow drug addicts, cheaters, sex offenders, domestic abusers, racists, and Gary Carter into the hall of fame, doesn't that mean that we can forgive Pete Rose and allow one of the best players of all time into the place where he rightly belongs?

Bud Selig's one hope of saving his soul and perhaps legacy would be if he prayed hard and found within him the strength and courage to reinstate Pete Rose into baseball and allow him into the Hall of Fame.

I have yet to hear a compelling reason not to. 


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