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Friday, November 20, 2009

Really Tim Lincecum?

Okay I think the Baseball Writers Association of America has lost it.  Instead of voting for the best pitcher in the Nation League, the writers obviously voted for the player, who looks the most like a girl they think they would have a chance of getting with.

I mean look at that photo.  That isn't a Cy Young award winner, that is a female tennis grand slam champion looking at me.

Ford Frick would be spinning in his grave if he knew the award that he introduced in 1956 was going to guys who almost looked as good as the 1956 Miss America winner

Great now I can't tell who is who, they both just have radiant smiles.

I mean really?  No only do I not like his overall appearance but on a statistical level does her deserve it?  The kid only got 15 wins this season!  Chad Billingsley had 16 wins in 2008 and I don't even think he got a fruit basket from the team for Christmas.

So while we gave the Ozzie look a like an award to a pitcher whose only league leading stat was strikeouts.  Guys who really deserved it like Chris Carpenter, Adam Wainwright and Jair Jurrens must sit idly by.  Shameful.  I remember when Cy Young Winners look like Vuk!

That guy looks scary.  Not like a guy whom I should get styling product tips from.

Also his middle name is LeRoy.  Did you know that?  I didn't and I do not know what to think about it.

I guess I am just exasperated and a little disappointed.  I mean the Dodgers got a couple of silver sluggers and golden gloves.  But our lack of ace pitching is continuing to be our downfall.  And with the divorce in the works I do not see us signing an ace in the off season.  Sorry just needed to vent.


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