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Friday, May 15, 2009

{Book Review} The Hole in Our Gospel

The Hole in Our Response to the Gospel

The Hole in Our Gospel By Richard Stearns

You probably will not be surprised by anything you read in this book. While it may not be a story you read in the newspaper every morning or hear every evening on the nightly news you have to admit you have some knowledge of the how poor much of the world. You know a little bit about how AIDS has reached epidemic proportions in Africa. Well, Richard Stearns knows a whole lot more about all of these subjects and more, as the president of Word Vision U.S. This book gives an account of his calling from being a CEO of a luxury goods company to president of an organization who make sit their purpose to help and reach out to the “Least of these.”

This was not an easy transition for the author; it was an internal struggle over the comfort and security of his current life and the uncertainty and discomfort that his new job would place him in. Not only does Stearns give his an account of his own story but he accounts how the world and even more the Christian church has turned its eye from “really” taking care of our fellow man. He does not champion the fact that feeding, clothing and caring for people is the same as sharing the gospel with them, but rather that feeding, clothing and caring for those less fortunate then us should be our response to the gospel we now have in us.

The last part of the book is spent by Stearns addressing the reader with what they can do. How they can get involved, contribute or help repair this hole that has developed in our gospel. Like I said before you will not really be surprised by much you read in this book. I think if you are honest with yourself you would admit you knew things like this happened, but you probably never really did anything about it. I am almost certain you will be moved by the stories in this book and be motivated to start doing something, I know I was.


Anonymous jkuntz said...

Thank you for commenting on Rich Stearns’ new book, The Hole in Our Gospel. I'm glad you were moved by it. This book has already had a tremendous impact on many Christians. Bill Hybels, Senior Pastor of Willow Creek Church, just bought 10,000 copies of the book to give to his congregation. Hybels told his church, “This is one of the finest books I have ever read. It is my goal to get every member of Willow Creek Church to read it.” To find out more information about the book and Stearns, you can visit www.theholeinourgospel.com. You’ll find on this site a lot of great resources and supplemental material to the book. You can also read Rich’s blog and engage in a forum discussion there. It’s a fantastic site – I encourage you to check it out!

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