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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

{Book Review} In The River They Swim

Fresh Ideas On Fighting Poverty Around The Globe

“In The River They Swim” is exactly what is claims to be on its cover, a collection of “Essays from around the world on enterprise solutions to poverty.” This the book is a collection of 29 essays, with some authors contributing more than one essay, with the topics ranging from visions for future entrepreneurship in war torn countries to integrating differing cultures ideas into successful business models. The authors range from the President of the republic of Rwanda to a vice-president of American Express to Rick Warren.

Even though Rick Warren composed the forward to the book, the book itself is does not contain any religious overtones or convictions. Instead we are treated the experiences and ideas of people committed to doing away with poverty in the world and doing it not by just providing monetary aide but by promoting local economies within these impoverished regions. As one essayist mentioned the idea is to revolutionize the economies in those areas to the point where people will want to work in the private sector more than wanting a government job because private business will be thriving and generating prosperity for the people.

I enjoyed reading this book. Some stories were funny; many sad, but even more were deeply inspirational. Using the essay format was a good idea as it allowed for a varied amount of authors to cover a varied amount of topics, so suffice to say the variety of information and perspective in the book is great. I believe this to be a must read for anyone even the least bit interested in the latest ideas in battling poverty around the world. This would make a good textbook in a college class I think too.


Anonymous Michael Fairbanks said...

Thank you for such a thoughtful read. We took a chance on the essay format. We hoped that we might capture the collective wisdom of so many dedicated practitioners; that it might promote the subjective experience, for example, show the value of insight over rigor,demonstrate the power of integrative thinking; and, by inviting the famous and unknown, and practitioners from so many domains (religious, government, business, and the academy)--help to give prominence to enterprise-based solutions to poverty. Thank you again for giving us some space.

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